QW SASA 12N – Sasa

5” dia. x 31” x 3”

  • Polished steel, solid wood, and leather
  • Accurate quartz mechanism
  • High-design, sculptural and ornamental wear
  • At the nexus between home design, horology, sculpture, and fashion you’ll find Sasa, a fresh expression of passing time. Rather than letting time control your life with schedules and limits, Sasa allows a more peaceful reminder of the flow of time. Each five minutes another bead clicks down. You can tell the hours by counting the number of colored beads that have fallen, and the minutes with the lighter beads.

    Tired of the reminder? Take the beads down and wear them as a necklace.

    Sasa, in Kiswahili culture, means “What is now.” By minimizing the focus on each minute that has past or is to come, we can instead live in the present.

    There are four versions available, with blue or natural beads and longer 24-hour chains or 12-hour chains. This timepiece makes an impressive statement in any decor.

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    About the artist:
    Thorunn Arnadottir, born 1982 in Reykjavik, graduated with B.A. in Product Design from Iceland Academy of the Arts in 2007.

    She has already received international critical and media acclaim and her products have been exhibited internationally. Her Sasa Clock won the New York International Gift Fair’s “Best New Product” in the Accent on Design category 2010. Her projects often aim to encourage the user to break free from their fixed assumptions of the object or phenomenon by asking questions about our society and the culture we live in.

    She is currently studying M.A. in Design Products at the Royal College of Arts in London

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