QW EleCoo

EleCoo North Coast Imports9″ x 12″ x 4″

  • Adorable animal sound
  • Eye-catching design
  • Whimsical novelty
  • Accurate Quartz mechanism
  • Automatic night shut off
  • Animated doors and animal charachter
  • Swinging pendulum
  • Play Sound

    North Coast Imports is pleased to introduce a collection of whimsical clocks each with an animal character.

    “Ooaa”! On the hour our happy elephant pops out of the doors and trumpets her glee. The EleCoo elephant clock comes in a pink housing with a swinging red pendulum.

    For nighttime a light sensor automatically shuts off the
    character when the room becomes dark. For encore performances there is a button on the side.

    If you are interested in this clock please Email us at:
    – please be sure to include your postal or zip code so we can direct you to a dealer in your area.

    We have a managerie of different animal characters available.