MU 214 310 20 – Sterling Silver Bird Box

4 ” x 2″ x 3″

  • Sterling silver box with intricate design
  • Musical
  • Animated bird with feathers
  • Made in Germany
  • Two-year warranty
  • All mechanical!
  • This gold box is packed with mechanics which animate a tiny, sparkling bird. Tiny bellows push air through an automated slide whistle which produces the complex little tune. After singing, the bird disappears back inside the box.

    These pieces are truly fascinating. The birds are finished in exquisite detail. Housed inside the base is a tiny mechanical mechanism with bellows and a multi-pitch whistle that plays a tune on demand. The mechanism is made by hand in Germany and is completely mechanical without any use of speakers or electronics. These are mechanical-musical instruments.

    The birds’ heads move back and forth, the beaks open, and the wings flap.

    The melody is intricate, complete with vibrato, melismatic lines, and precise articulation.

    If you are interested in this piece please Email us at: – please be sure to include your zip code so we can direct you to a dealer in your area.

    This is a very special piece. Availability is limited. Contact us for more information. Be sure to also check out our whistlers and birdcages .