Mechanical Mantel Clocks

North Coast Imports is pleased to present a line of very collectible mechanical clocks for your mantel, desk, bracket or table. These heirloom pieces are entirely mechanical, using only the power of a coiled spring. Because we have such an extensive selection, we’ve divided this section into two subcategories: Chiming/Striking/Musical clocks (which make sounds) and Quiet clocks which have no sounding feature.

Please take a moment to browse through the wide range of styles and regard the artistry of each heirloom piece.

Quiet… These fine timepieces have many features available, such as calendar complications, long-running power reserves, Tourbillon escapements, and more. Browse the collection for carriage clocks, calendar clocks, and special kinetic and artistic timepieces designed for your mantel, desk or table!

Chiming, Musical, Alarm, or Striking… Browse these Mantel/Table/Desk clocks for your favorite beautiful sounding Objet d’Art. These feature tiny mechanical hammers which strike resonating bodies – either bells, or chimes, or gongs. Some even include music box mechanisms!